Ever since it’s inception, with the beginning of known civilisation, creative design of clothing by definition was in contrast with tradition, convention and mainstream fashion. It now focuses on the leap in the development of clothing and the driving forward of fashion trends. Creative design also brings innovation in design philosophy, challenging everyday trends and building the aesthetics of taste of seemingly wonderful times, while touching the consumer’s inner world. All this leads to a revolutionary change in how we as a society view fashion, which in turn becomes an integral part of the mainstream.


Angela Pimentel started her fashion career 27 years ago during which she gained an abundance of transferable skills especially in the beachwear and swimwear industry. She spent many years in Brazil, creating beachwear collections for several trendy & famous seaside and holiday oriented fashion brands. Then, 3 years ago, she came to Portugal to expand her business where she was introduced to the Catfixe brand, and became the Creative Fashion Director for Catfixe.

Angela draws her inspiration from the rise of “anti-traditional fashion” from the 60’s of the 20th century, when mini skirts, clothes made of scrap metal and bikinis, which first appeared in the 40’s, became really popular in the 60’s. This new trend said farewell to the traditional, mature, sophisticated and aristocratic image of a woman as a standard of beauty.



The “anti-fashion” in late 70’s launched by groups of Japanese designers – unstructured, wrapped, winding fashion, “patch installed”, “beggar look” etc, completely subverted the European fashion style which had always been dominant in the mainstream fashion.

The creative fashion design in 80’s – “underwear treated as outwear”, “gender transition” etc, totally changed the long-term concept of inherent dress style formatting.

Under the philosophy of environmental protection, the creative fashion design of the 90’s and the 21st century, – the “minimalism” “deconstruction”, “bohemian”, “mix and match style” has been violently lashing the aesthetic and value judgments of people in the fashion industry. Today in the context of “knowledge economy”, “information”, and “globalisation”, the fashion creative design with the unprecedented attention is digging out the inherent human desires and demands promoted by the injection of high-tech.

The “emotional design”, “experience design”, “communication design”, “fast fashion design” and “functional design” have brought to the surface forms of dress changes, more importantly, the fashion revolution of lifestyle and consumer’s behavior.


In the end, we wish to kindly remind our customers that they can always order bespoke and unique designs, choose colours and patterns that they would like to appear on their very own and unique swimsuit or bikini. Just email us with your ideas and Angela and our team will transform it into an original and bespoke work of art.

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