Catfixe has always strived to exceed excellence and we have always worked hard at creating new, unique and chic designs. However, this hasn’t always been an easy task and finding the right designer, especially one who would successfully reflect the image and brand of Catfixe was, at moments, quite challenging. With a luxury brand like our’s and with constant quality and value we seek to maintain and excel, bringing in a fresh pair of eyes was one of our the top and most sacred priorities.

Our beachwear and activewear is one-of-a-kind, because of the simple approach – to combine the support and comfort together with style and functionality. Catfixe swimsuits, swimming trunks, leggings and other beachwear are designed for everyone, for every age and body size. That’s why bringing in a new designer, who would work only and specifically for Catfixe, was so important for the brand’s future.


Nicola Zex is a Czech born artist, musician and graphic designer with a long history of successful projects and collaborations with other fashion houses in London. She draws and creates custom designs with a unique eclectic, yet sophisticated eye for detail which is a perfect reflection of the Catfixe brand and what it stands for.

She is young, modern but at the same time classical artist on the journey to expand into the world. Now based in London, together with the Catfixe brand, we predict a great future for our collaboration. With her fresh ideas, eco friendly and sustainable approach our new collection will be something even more sophisticated and grand than ever before.


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Nicola draws her inspiration mainly from the sounds of the sea, from the quartz white sand on the beach and songs that are generated by the air wizzing through large and beautiful seashells. The sea is a constant, yet somehow always moving and ever changing motive for her luxury swimwear designs. The wave is sometimes also present in her designs combined with straight lines because at Catfixe, the luxury is hidden in details.

Besides the sea, sand and seashells, palm trees and tropical vegetation is also one of the main sources of Nicola’s inspiration. Lush tropical landscapes, rainforests and waterfalls all are being translated into her wonderful, bespoke designs.


We wish to kindly remind our customers that they can also order bespoke and unique designs, choose colours and patterns that they would like to appear on their very own and unique swimsuit, leggings, tops, etc. Just email us with your ideas and Nicola and our team will transform it into an original and bespoke work of art.

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