Catarina Da Eira has been the face behind Catfixe for more than ten years, tirelessly shaping it into a word-wide recognisable luxury beachwear brand. Over time it has grown and become a synonym for high quality, chic and exquisite elegance that it is today. Of course this is just the beginning and Ms Da Eira has much greater and more ambitious plans for the future.

“I see Catfixe as something classy and elegant, yet wearable. Something that reflects sophisticated styles and tastes, but lets you feel comfortable in your own skin wearing it.”  – Catarina Da Eira

Based in London, but targeting the North American, European, Middle Eastern and Russian markets, Catfixe aims to become the brand for luxury beachwear in the world.


In order to make Catfixe grow and to improve it’s brand visibility and recognition, I decided to enter the new 2018 not only with a completely new set of products, but also with a brand new website! This is all, of course, a part of a much larger brand establishing strategy that really had to be done at this stage. Catfixe has been held back for far too long and now the time has come for it to shine. And the new website will most certainly make it shine – literally.

“We decided to go with the golden colour as our new, main brand colour as it represents luxury, purity, wealth and prosperity. All of these qualities are the attributes that Catfixe wishes to be related to and to attract. I was seeking to be inspired and after many dead ends and frustrating tries and failures, my prayers were finally answered. I found Mr Peter Pandurov – digital marketing, web design and modern brand expert and the owner of New Marketing Solutions Ltd who came up with this whole new and refreshed look for the brand and the website. Besides concentrating solely on the brand, our goal was to create a classy and user-friendly online store.” – Catarina Da Eira


A new website is like a beautiful butterfly after metamorphosis. Gracious, gentile and simply gorgeous. But now it does not only represent the Catfixe brand for what it truly is – now it is a great and easy way for our faithful and new customers to interact with us, to browse the new products with ease, to purchase their chosen products in various colours and sizes, and to do all of that in their own national currency.

“For me the biggest challenge was finding the right set of colours that would truly reflect the Catfixe brand image and it’s future direction, re-designing the old logo and crating a beautiful, functioning website with multi-currency option, variable, complex products and different size charts. Working with Ms Eira was a great pleasure and she truly inspired me throughout the project. I really enjoyed breathing in a new life into the the website and giving my humble contribution to this amazing brand. I will definitely stay with Catfixe in the future, working closely with Catarina on helping her luxury beachwear brand attain the rank it highly     deserves.” – Peter Pandurov, CEO of New Marketing Solutions Ltd.

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