Catfixe bra top swimsuits are one-of-a-kind, and here is why. These swimsuits combine the support and comfort of a bra with the style and functionality of a swimsuit. These swimsuits are ideal for all women especially for those who are looking to emphasise their natural curves or who are looking for better bust support. Catfixe bra top swimsuits are designed for everyone, especially for large-busted women or women who have undergone a breast-related medical procedure – all this thanks to the bra’s discrete lifting action and specifically targeted design.

Therefore, we have decided to give you a short guide on our bra top swimsuits. From underwire tops, to padding and cups, this guide will cover everything you always wanted to know before choosing a swimsuit bra top that is right for you.


Built-in bra tops can be found in many swimsuit styles including bikini tops, tankini tops, and one-piece suits. Bra tops are supported with horizontal elastic strips, molded cups or with an underwire.

A term boning, in a swimsuit tops, refers to a plastic or metal seam placed in the side of the suit that provides additional structure and support. This is commonly found in bandeau and strapless tops.


Most bra tops include an underwire, combined with an inner padding. Underwire bras are built with sewn-in wiring that is placed in a U-shape underneath the breast. The wiring can be made out of metal, wire, or moulded plastic. It is designed to provide support, lift, and separate the breasts.

Hidden underwire does not use a seam to separate the cups from the underwire. It provides a smoother and more natural appearance than a traditional underwire top. Hidden underwire is commonly found in tankini tops and one-piece suits.


There are various cup styles in existence today, used in both underwire and non-underwire swimsuit bra tops. It is an industry standard to use an underwire with sewn-in soft cups that comes with built-in fabric to smooth and shape the bust. Underwire with removable soft cups allows the wearer to add or remove the fabric insert. Underwire with sewn-in soft cups and prosthesis pockets are used in post-mastectomy swimwear. It is designed to allow a prosthesis form insert to be placed inside the breast pocket.

soft cup top is a moulded cup that does not use metal or hard plastic to support the bust. Instead, it relies on a thick band of fabric, underneath the bust, to provide support for the wearer’s breasts. Soft cups hold their shape while smoothing, supporting, and covering the breasts. These are also referred to as molded bra cups, shaper bra cups, and foam cups.


Padded bra tops refer to tops that use silicone or foam padding to add size and shape to the breasts. These can also come with removable padding. Push-up bra tops place padding on the bottom/outside of the bust and is designed to push the breasts up and inward to create instant cleavage.

Padding and push-up bra tops can come in both underwire and non-underwire tops. Padding and push-up pads can also be purchased and inserted into the underwire top or placed inside sewn-in pockets.


Whether you are lapping lengths or just lounging on a lilo, feel stylish and secure in our supportive swimwear. We manufacture all sizes including D and DD+, in a wide range of styles and colours, from stand-out brights to classic black.

Most women find that cup-sized swimwear fits them better than swimwear based on dress size. Check out our bra-sized swimwear and run, jump and even cartwheel on the beach, without any fear of spills.

Make sure to find a bra top that fits you in both style and size. Whether you’re searching for support, cleavage or smoothness, there are many options to choose from our online store at


With exotic tropical and tribal prints, statement bikinis, flattering tankinis, and figure-enhancing underwired swimsuits, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our bigger bust swimwear selection.

Catfixe is known for our curve-hugging buttery soft fabrics and our high cut bikini bottoms that cinch the waist and elongate the legs. We design suits that allow every woman to feel her most confident and sexy self, even after she indulges at the beach bar.

You simply can’t go wrong with our classic Catfixe staples such as our Swimsuit Lanzarote, our Bikini Hawaii, our extremely versatile Bikini Kefalonia, or our chic Bikini Samoa. We’ve put meticulous thought into our fabrics and lots of love into our designs and we can’t wait for you to experience Catfixe for yourself.

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